• John McCarthy
    April 24, 2010 Reply

    A beautiful message, and a great example for us all…

    Keep up your inspiring leadership…and let us pray for one another…


  • Sharon Moseson
    April 30, 2010 Reply

    As a member of the Jewish community which is within the NY Archdiocese, I want to offer my own humble welcome to you. Your presence among us reminds me of the presence of Cardinal O’Connor, of blessed memory, whose outreach to and warm connections with the Jewish community here are legendary. I have just read the entire text of your speech at the Park East Synagogue and it filled my heart with joy to see not only the sentiments which you expressed but the commitments you have made to furthering not only dialogue but interpersonal relationships between people at all levels; from community leaders and officials to simple members of each religious community. I was raised to believe that we should always look for what we have in common with our neighbors, not what differences we may have. My late father was a member of the professional Jewish Communal Service community and growing up I was blessed to have had the opportunity to experience religious beliefs and practices different from my own and come to appreciate them. I hope that your wishes regarding the coming together of people at all levels within our two communities will truly be realized. Thank you for your commitment to this.


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