Books by Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

I Am With You: Lessons of Hope and Courage (2021)

A powerful, universal message on God’s grace and the healing power of Jesus to get us through tough and turbulent times.

Drawn from sermons and writings offered during the early days of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I Am with You provides solace, hope, and healing  for anyone suffering through illness, grief, job loss, isolation, or anxiety.

Available for preorder at Loyola Press and Amazon.

Who Do You Say I Am?: Daily Reflections on the Bible, the Saints, and the Answer That Is Christ (2019)

In Who Do You Say I Am?, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, offers beautiful insights on the importance of Jesus and the Church in our day-to-day lives. With short daily reflections crafted to inspire anyone seeking to appreciate and deepen their faith, Cardinal Dolan explores the lessons of Jesus and offers fresh new understandings of the saints, prayer, the Bible, beauty, and the pursuit of God, especially in light of the often turbulent nature of faith itself.

Meant to be read at the start of each day or before retiring to sleep each night over the course of a year, this book leads readers step-by-step to a deeper and more personal relationship with God, helping to reveal why Jesus is still vital to a fulfilling life. Available for order from Image: Books of Catholic Interest


Praying in Rome: Reflections on the Conclave and Electing Pope Francis (2013)

“Since February 2013, many have asked Cardinal Timothy Dolan to comment about Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, his final days in the Vatican, the Conclave, and the excitement and joy of the election of Pope Francis. Those two months–between the time Pope Benedict announced his retirement up until the election of Pope Francis–were a deeply spiritual and important period for the Cardinal. In this eBook original, he reflects on that most exciting of times. By turns, witty, provocative, and inspiring Cardinal Dolan gives a first hand account of what happened during those days and what it means for the future of the Church.” E-book available from Image: Books of Catholic Interest

True Freedom: On Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Liberty

True Freedom: On Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Liberty (2012)

“Religion and the dignity of human life are under attack by a variety of threats in the modern world including abortion, infanticide, eugenics, misuse of artificial reproductive technologies, an unjust distribution of economic resources, war, the arms trade, drugs, and human trafficking. What can be done to stop this? Cardinal Timothy Dolan explains the need for all Americans to embrace a new culture rooted in what Blessed John Paul II called the Gospel of Life where the sacredness of all human life, and the freedoms that are their birthright, are upheld, respected and protected by law.” E-book available from Image: Books of Catholic Interest

A People of HopeA People of Hope: The Challenges Facing the Catholic Church and the Faith That Can Save It (2011)

“Unique among the current leadership of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Dolan shares his insightful perspective in this series of conversations on the present and future of Catholicism. In these pages Dolan shares a perspective which is typically not part of the information an average person would know through today’s media. This omission often leaves outsiders with a terribly flawed grasp of what’s actually happening in the Church. Legitimate stories on, for example, abuse and Church authority can’t be dissolved by reactive conspiracy theories about how the media is out to get the Catholic Church. That said, if these scandals are all there is to the Catholic Church, why would anyone bother being Catholic?” Co-authored with John L. Allen, Jr. Available from Image: Books of Catholic Interest

Doers of the Word: Putting Your Faith Into PracticeDoers of the Word: Putting Your Faith Into Practice (2009)

“Whether you are surrounded by the peaceful tranquility of an empty chapel or the anxiety-driven mad dash of the New York City rush hour, God is always there. He’s there in the stillness. He’s there in the chaos. Our call is to seek Him, find Him, and serve Him. As Cardinal of New York, Timothy Dolan knows only too well the many faces of Christ. Known for his devotion, dedication, and sense of humor, Dolan uses Doers of the Word to share a unique combination of simplicity, practicality, and guidance to give our faith a daily dose of meaning and application.”   Available from Our Sunday Visitor

Priests for the Third MilleniumPriests for the Third Millennium (2009)

“Cardinal Dolan clearly sets forth what it takes to be a Catholic priest in the Third Millennium. Whether he is stressing the necessity of regular Confession and the need to celebrate daily Mass and say the Liturgy of the Hours or discussing priestly celibacy in frank, realistic terms, he emphasizes true priest identity by presenting a life worth living, a life worth sharing, a life worth offering up to the Father through Christ and in the Holy Spirit. Pastoral, practical, and thoroughly Catholic, Priests for the Third Millennium will renew the joy of being Catholic in the heart of seminarians, priests, and the people they serve.”   Available from Our Sunday Visitor

To Whom Shall We GoTo Whom Shall We Go? (2008)

“To be a Christian today, to follow Our Lord and accept His call to discipleship, demands heroic courage. It takes deep faith to live the particular – special, unique – vocation that’s yours alone. Heaven knows it isn’t easy. St. Peter knows it, too. He’s well aware that even the most enthusiastic and committed Christian can become frightened and unsure, can make mistakes and betray a loved one, can seek and receive forgiveness, can begin again and – with an even stronger faith – can go on to face life’s most difficult challenges.”   Available from Our Sunday Visitor

Advent Reflections Come Lord JesusAdvent Reflections: Come, Lord Jesus! (2007)

“Make this holy season unique with this practical, accessible spiritual guide. With four manageable themes for each week of Advent, these reflections focus on “The Three Comings of Jesus,” “St. John the Baptist,” “St. Joseph: A Man Forgotten,” and “Our Blessed Mother Mary” — all the while using contemporary stories to illustrate the lessons we can learn from these holy lives. Give yourself an early gift, as Cardinal Dolan leads you through refreshing and insightful meditations to make the most of this Advent season.”   Available from Our Sunday Visitor

Called to Be Holy Called to Be Holy (2005)

“How will you — how can you — answer God’s call to holiness?  The path to holiness is traveled step by step. The way of holiness is lived grace by grace. Your journey to God is nothing more, and nothing less, than that series of steps. But how do you take that step each day? How do you live that grace each day? How, each day, do you answer God’s call, God’s personal invitation to holiness? What New York’s Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan recommends, urges, reminds, and teaches is radical in the truest sense of that word: It is basic. It is at the roots. It is fundamental.”   Available from Our Sunday Visitor

Some Seed Fell on Good Ground: The Life of Edwin V. O'HaraSome Seed Fell on Good Ground (1992)

“A man far ahead of his time, Archbishop Edwin V. O’Hara of Kansas City (1881-1956) orchestrated numerous initiatives that profoundly affected American Catholic life.  His ceaseless activity as both priest and bishop sowed seeds that flourished long past his lifetime, from liturgical reform to Bible study, campus ministry to social justice, minimum wage legislation to founding the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.  Cardinal Dolan  researched and composed this biography and continues to cite O’Hara as his role model of an immensely effective bishop.”  Available from The Catholic University of America Press