• Erika Choi
    November 18, 2009 Reply

    Are those Tastykakes on the table? 😉

  • Jerry Colby
    November 18, 2009 Reply

    Your Excellency, Not sure how to say this, so I will just say it. Whoever is vetting our partners in ANY charity is either in the wrong position, or they have a hidden agenda ( anti Orthodox) I have done many investigations on who we get money from (USAID and other NGO’s) and who we have and are giving it too. I watched your talk at the meeting on Monday with USCCB regarding CRS. First let me say CRS does great things!! However, here is the problem.Parish’s in the USA have in the past been asked to write letters to congress requesting more money be added to the foreign aid budget. We did this last year and actually Catholics responded in great numbers, so much that we were mentioned on the record as being the main reason for getting an additional 9% added. Problem is, we added 9% that will be controlled mainly by USAID, who will then split that money up to an assortment of ministries, organizations, non-profits to fight many areas of poverty. Those areas include population control in many if not all countries. Yes CRS uses whatever money they are given according to church teachings, BUT we wrote letters to get that 9% and yes CRS will get some of it. OUR LETTERS helped USAID get more money for population control and other area that are against church teaching. I have spoken to Steve Collechi at USCCB and Mrs. Kay Furlani in the Newark Diocese and have heard the statement “For the greater good”, This has been going on for a very long time.. How many women and men are being sterilized and babies being aborted for the greater good? I have much more info (FACTS) if you would like. I am asking you to stop the letters that will increase funds to anyone other than the organization that will follow church teachings. USAID needs us but we do not need them. We need to ask for money separate from them, even if we get less, but at least our letters or lobbying won’t help them destroy humanity in the name stopping poverty. God chose you to lead us, and we have never been happier. Sincerely, Jerry Colby Franklin Lakes NJ 07417 phone 201-485-8242

  • Ann
    November 20, 2009 Reply

    Thanks for your leadership on the issues of abortion and gay marriage. In Maine, they are now calling for removing tax exemptions on Catholic churches, they are picketing at them. all because of the gay marriage issue–though ME has a history of anti Catholicism–the KKK flourished here. I feel so embattled as a Catholic here, although when I go to Mass, it all falls away. If not the Church Militant, I think we have to speak up for the most vulnerable amongst us. We must advocate against the death that seems everywhere in our culture. Who else will?

  • Mariana
    November 21, 2009 Reply

    soy Argentina, me gustaría leer la pagina pero no hablo el idioma, habría alguna posibilidad de traducirlo?, ya que este blog es de mucha utilidad y hace honor a los verdaderos valores de la vida cristiana. Conocí el sitio a traves de un periódico argentino “Cristo hoy” donde habla del artículo del arzobispo Monseñor Timothy M. Dolan: el Anticatolicismo, y coincido con sus opiniones y me duele mucho cuando escucho desde el periodismo todo tipo de prejuicios , críticas y sospechas contra la iglesia. A mi entender no es solo un problema de vuestra nación, porque en mi país, aunque es un país con una fuerte tradición católica, tambien sucede esa persecución intencional a la Iglesia. Por eso me pareció un tema muy interesante el suyo, solo que por mi ignorancia no he podido leer. Esperando una posible respuesta me despido en Cristo y María Santísima.

  • Fr.Thomas Kallumady
    November 22, 2009 Reply

    Your Excellency,
    Thank you for your passionate appeal and the excellent video presentation at the USCCB meeting. I am very proud that you are heading the Catholic Relief Services, and wish you all the success in being the global leader in relief and development.
    Your presentation took me through the memory lanes as I had worked in close collaboration with the CRS as the archdiocesan director of Catholic Charities in Bhubaneswer, Orissa, a State you had visited in your trip to India.
    I cannot thank you enough for the immense service CRS has rendered over the years, a fact unknown and under appreciated.
    As you mentioned in your address that there is need for highlighting the “Catholic” in our services. During the horrible pogrom in Orissa, the general public was either silent or indifferent to the suffering Christians because the catholic services through innumerable outreach programs to the millions in India irrespective of caste or creed are often unpublicized or under appreciated.
    CRS deserves special credit in eliminating the middlemen and in reducing to the minimum the administrative cost. Every grain of food or every cent of money is used and accounted for. Immediate help reaches to the very grass roots because of its use of the church structures. I think we can eliminate a lot any abuses of the funds if CRS channels its funds solely through the local dioceses who will have closer supervision and interaction with the exploding number of NGOs everywhere. This will promote a lot of good will in the grass roots. I will be happy to share my experience with you. Long live, Christ our King.
    Fr.Thomas Kallumady, Church of the Holy Innocents Nov.22, 2009

  • Fr.Thomas Kallumady
    November 22, 2009 Reply

    thank you


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