• Juan chang
    February 5, 2016 Reply

    Bless you for the marketing piece.
    I am proud to support and market our Catholic schools.


  • Lee South
    February 7, 2016 Reply

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,
    Today’s homily (Feb. 7th) hit a home run with me. I am a Catholic today because of the Dominican Nuns of San Rafael, CA. As preschoolers, my parents enrolled us in their nursery school. My folks were not Catholic, but at the Sisters’ gentle urging, we (I’m a twin, adopted by wonderful Ed and Louise Smith) were baptized at age 5, and went to the Dominican Convent School of San Rafael through 4th grade. Then we moved to Ohio, and Florida, and attended public schools thereafter. But I never forgot the Nuns. Whenever I catch a whiff of candles, of crisply starched linen, of the roses in abundance in the beautiful Convent garden, I think of Sr. Adrian, Sr. Bennett, and all the rest, and give thanks for them. Through a very shy childhood and youth, I remembered them. Years and years later, after a long journey and with difficulty from friends and family, I was confirmed at St. Gabriel Church in Concord Township, Ohio. I thought I was doing this for myself, and that it was a self-centered act, because no one in my Episcopal environment looked on me with anything but puzzlement and not a little disdain.
    However, 2 years later, my husband (an Episcopal minister), converted to Catholicism, and died some eight years later, receiving last rites and dying at the 3 p.m.hour of Divine Mercy. Fourteen years later, our youngest (Joshua South! the singer with the twins, now making his way in the opera world), was confirmed Catholic. Josh and Rebecca’s boys, Jackson and Sebastian, were baptized as babies by Msgr Robert Richie, in 2013.
    God is so good! I can never thank Him enough, for the wonderful parents He blessed me with, and the Dominicans, so formative in my first 9 years on the earth.I followed their love, decades later.
    God willing, I’ll be in your April 1-8 Pilgrimage of Divine Mercy to Rome, to thank God for HIs unspeakable mercy to this poor sinner. April 6th will be the 20th anniversary of my confirmation on that Easter Vigil in 1996. Talk about Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!
    Thank you doesn’t begin to say it, Your Eminence, for your homilies, on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday mornings, and for Conversations with Cardinal Dolan, coming to me through the magic of Sirius Satellite Radio, to waay down South in Birmingham, Alabama! To me, St. Patrick’s is indeed my home church!
    With my prayers for all you so joyfully and untiringly do, for the world,


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