• Robert LeBlanc, author of Where Will You Plant Your Seed published by Westbow Press
    September 13, 2017 Reply

    Your Eminence, your show is always so good! One of the prayers that I have tried to make part of my life, I add to it a tiny bit. I usually pray it before I start to recite the 9 Psalms and the Morning and Evening Gospel Canticles, “Lord may your Word, penetrate my mind+, be proclaimed on my lips+, change my heart+”, (and be expressed in my actions for your glory)
    In the book that I sent you care of my friend Monsignor Timothy Moran, the book has many prayer adventures, I would love to see a real writer polish it up for easer reading. Actually I would almost like to see it published under a title such as Awakened by Yahweh. (I love you, your channel and your show)


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