• vivian cuadras
    August 2, 2012 Reply


    Let us be grateful to Christ for opening the hearts of those men to say “yes,” to be that instrument of which True Presence reveals Himself.

    What is Mass withouth Christ? What is a priest without Mass? Who are the people of God without the shepherds who lead – merely blind sheep, hungry, lost, and vulnerable.

    Parish priest, bishop, or Pope: serve well the church, and remember that it is Christ who called you to this service.

    For this you are forever in my prayers!

    Refresh my heart in Christ!


  • Thomas Peasley
    August 3, 2012 Reply

    Cardinal Dolan,

    The Venerable Fulton J. Sheen and Dietrich Bonhoeffer are heros of mine!

    Now, once again, America requires ‘Soldier’s of Christ’; heros like Archbishop Sheen and Reverend Bonhoeffer, to stand up and defend her and our Holy Roman Catholic Church in their hour of greatest need.

    We need, we want, we require ‘Leaders’ cut from the mold of Fulton Sheen and Dietrich Bonhoeffer! True men of God; True Heros like Bishop Sheen, who spoke nothing but the truth regardless of it’s difficulty, or consequence. Or Bonhoeffer who ardently, without fear, gave his life while staring down Satan and directly confronting the evil threatening pre-war Germany’s destruction!

    What do we get? You! A coward who says all the right things but quietly, behind the scene, cooperates with, courts and enables the evil engulfing our beloved Nation.

    I’m disgusted by the two faced hierarchy of the American Catholic Church. Bonhoeffer faced the same betrayal in pre-war Germany, and, like him I’m prepared to give my life for God and TRUTH!

    On Sundays I expect our parish Priest to speak out about the evil happenings surrounding us, to help us deal ‘Faithfully’ with events. But no, not a word; unless the Gospel reading that day happens to be relevant.

    It wasn’t this way before Vatican II and the takeover of the Church by communists and homosexuals! That singular event has resulted in a 90% reduction in practicing American Catholics and nearly destroyed the Church! The voice from the Pulpit started the American Revolution! Where is that voice now?

    America’s decline began with the introduction of contraceptives and legalized universal abortion. I was guilty of not protesting then, but not any more!

    Now, as an illegitimate government directs, instead of in the name of God forcefully projecting true resistance, REALLY DEFENDING THE FAITH, you faithless demons fund all of it while telling your largely unsuspecting ‘Flock’ you don’t! And the Church is riddled with disgusting sellouts like you.

    I will not follow you, or your evil servants! it’s beyond me why you haven’t all been excommunicated; Faithless followers of Satan try mens souls… and all your good for is to be DEFEATED!

    I pray for your soul!

  • Angela Vitulli
    August 12, 2012 Reply

    Dear Mr. Peasley,

    Your comments about our Cardinal Timothy Dolan are rash and impatient and alarming. Cardinal Dolan
    is very aware of the needs of the Catholic Church not as just a institution but the the reality of the mystical body of Christ. He has spoken publicly about this. He has said “What are we gonna do about it
    He used the word “we” meaning The Church and it’s laity. Learn to feed your faith? And know that Jesus Christ is living and active in and through his Church. Got it! For your own soul apologize to Cardinal Dolan and never criticize a priest again!


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