• Mary
    October 4, 2011 Reply

    Archbishop I am losing my trust in the Archdiocese.

    In early summer before the same sex marriage vote, Sen. Ruben Diaz organized a rally in the Bronx in support of traditional marriage. He was was vilified and scorned by just abour everyone on the ssm bandwagon. He held strong even when his lesbian granddaughter showed up at the rally in public opposition to her Grandfather! From the podium he spoke with love to her. And she was received with kindness by the large crowd of Hispanics, Christians, blacks, pastors, rabbis and families with children.

    The complete silence, absence actually, of the Archdiocese was stunning to the Catholics who attended. Surely Catholic Charities knows what same sex marriage law does to Catholic adoption services. Yet no one representing the Archdiocese came to that rally.

    Archbishop, someone is giving you terrible advice.

    We desperately, desperately need your spiritual guidance not political activism. Evil is everywhere around us wanting to destroy the Catholic Church, Christ’s Body, of which we are all members, immigrant or not. Lose the political advice or leave it to the lawyers. Teach us. Please. Teach us.

  • tad
    October 20, 2011 Reply

    It’s hard to disagree with Mary on this. The USCCB is putting out conflicting messages on Marriage and homosexuality. All we have heard for decades is to love, love , love….. Yet no one really gets to the meat of it. No tough teaching. Just hold hands. And now we are paying the price of terrible teaching.

    Where’s St. Paul when need him? Oh, he would have be silenced by his bishop. Too much tough talking. Oh, as matter of fact he is silenced, we can’t read all of his letters on marriage, because they are too tough. So we disguise it by saying, “For a a shorter reading, skip those parts in the brackets. Sort of obvious when the whole reading is only a few lines to begin with.

    Maybe if we had fewer priests without identiy problems we’d get back to tougher teachings as Christ taught. Like it’s wrong to steal from the government by being to lazy to work. We never hear Paul telling us that we need to work hard and pick up our load. We only hear about taking care of the poor. What if a lot of poor are not really poor but lazy? Not all, but there is a lot.


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