• Mary
    November 28, 2011 Reply

    It was reported today that Pope Benedict offered this to the visiting US bishops: “The seriousness of the challenges which the Church in America, under your leadership, is called to confront in the near future cannot be underestimated.”

    And also today Cardinal Burke said he thinks “We’re well on the way” to Christian persecution in the US.

    In April 2008, Holy Father traveled to the US with the theme: Christ our Hope. In November 2008 54% of US Catholics voted for a politician who claimed he was their hope.

    Will history repeat itself in 2012? Has the American church learned anything? Will the Church heed our Holy Father’s words? Will we engage the enemies of our Church both inside and out? The Church is on the brink? Will you talk to us about it? Will you shepherd us? Will you show us that you are not afraid of the persecution? For you and all the bishops I pray.

  • AndyP/Doria2
    December 2, 2011 Reply

    I’m beginning to notice that there are fewer and fewer respondants to this blog. There are so many people out here who are Traditionalists, those who would stand with you through the coming persecution.

    Make no mistake, the persecutions are coming. There was a time when The Church did not have to go grovelling before a President and beg for conscience clauses, a President who is so anti catholic that everyone sees it but our cowardly leaders who fear government more than they fear our Creator.

    I, myself have written to this blog in the hope of trying to influence the Archbishop about what is going on out here in the Traditionlaist camp, that is until a female friend of mine said to me “Forget it, he’s one of them.”

    Yes, Archbishop, you are “one of them.” Your disdain for the Tridentine Mass is clue number one. Your preaching to “fallen away Catholics” only, and shying away from prosyletizing other groups is another.

    “Dialoging” with people who have nothing but disdain for the Catholic faith is another clue.

    There are very few today who can claim invincible ignorance and our AM Church’s attitude that Paradise is open to all no matter what is killing the faith.

    I have no doubt that this post will never see the light of day on this blog but I pray that this post will at least ride the wings of angels and work their way to our leaders before they are unceremoniously deleted.

    I beg you Archbishop, lose the politician and reclaim your office of shepherd. The government is not your ally – we are.

  • Larry
    December 9, 2011 Reply

    I feel compelled to add my voice in complete agreement to what AndyP/Doria2 has said above (December 2, 6:34 p.m. post.) The Archbishop appears to lack, not orthodoxy per se, but instead the kind of sustained focus and urgency in confronting the moral bankruptcy within both society and the Church “faithful” as is called for by the situation–a sustained focus and urgency which, by the way, would ALSO demand that he refrain from distractions such as involvement in prudential political matters. Enough said.


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