• Bob Pegritz
    October 3, 2013 Reply

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,
    That was a tough letter to write. If you look at it from just a quantitative point of view, most people would say that this took a couple of hours to write. What I hope and pray that happens is that those who read this realize that this letter took YEARS to write. And it wasn’t a “fun” thing to do. Everyone in the Diocese must work, pray, and understand that this is a giant step for tens of thousands of people. I promise you will have my prayers.

  • Roy Puntervold
    October 3, 2013 Reply

    Forgive people who were divorced… Stop this annulment thing.. It is not chasing one person away from God’s Church it is chasing their entire family for generations to come… Jesus would have just forgiven them…

  • Mark Baird
    October 4, 2013 Reply

    In our Diocese the Pastoral plan of Hamilton NZ is called ‘Proud to be Catholic’ it is good however I see the universal problem that every parish faces, our own weakness to love effectively and affectively. Seculism is the greatest stumbling block.

  • David ?Howard
    October 5, 2013 Reply

    Matter of Conscience:Pope Francis recent interview in La Republica, saying his God is not a Catholic God, is causing great pain to the Faithful. So is the Trinity true? What about the Hypostatic Union? Pope Francis, if this interview is accurate, has cause grave scandal to the Faithful. He has thrown into doubt for some 2,000 years of Church Teaching. The Vatican needs to offer clarification. If not, he his manifested grave scandal to the Faithful and he should be pressured to resign or recant.

  • Mariann
    October 13, 2013 Reply

    Your Eminence,
    May God bless your Holy efforts as you go forth with your plan. May He thwart any plans that are not of His will. May our Blessed Mother, Mary, the Mother of God, bless you as she directs all children of God, to Jesus.
    Teaching Truth will strengthen the disciples of your archdiocese with a stress on reception of the Sacraments, growing daily in knowing, hence loving, hence serving God. Michael Voris of has a magnificent series, the One True Faith, that can be accessed by anyone via internet. He has clearly worked tirelessly to defend the Truth, so many of his efforts beyond the One True Faith series will assist the Faithful of all ages. No need to reinvent the wheel. Take some time to check out his website.
    Strong disciples will provide the witness. I must say, and I would think you have noticed, that those who know the Lord and love Him profoundly lead rich Catholic lives that others who witness desire. Those witnessing will be evangelizing by their actions, their lives, and, when necessary, by their words. They will also be providing through strong, holy marriages those religious vocations necessary to minister to the needs of the faithful and others.
    I also had a thought about all of that extra property. Has it ever occurred to those parishes to provide services needed in New York. Setting up, as St. Mother Theresa did: Places to house the poorest of the poor, those homeless, those requiring shelter during these times of darkness because of the unholy, regime that occupies the white house; Places where food, home, and clothing supplies could be distributed to those people in need but unable to afford; perhaps some “free clinics” (may the un-affordable careless act/tax perish before funding any more toward the monstrosity) where medically trained parishioners can directly help those in need; Or, perhaps locations that provide beautiful options of wholesome entertainment. We know so many families who play games for all ages, without background music, or who can share wholesome talents (my daughter and son have performed “Who’s On First” to many a visitor and even at their Catholic Liberal Arts school fundraising gala).
    Well, there are a few thoughts to help you in your many important decisions on how to implement your archdiocesan plan. Then, perhaps you can cut bait and shut down the CCHD for subsidiarity(?) will provide and the scandalous cchd will be unnecessary since they should not be in operation.


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