• Charles Balsam
    October 6, 2015 Reply

    Briefly, Cardinal Dolan – how about the Synod take action of Familiaris consortio, nos. 65-70. Perhaps if our chief pastors will take strong, courageous, developmental action to strengthen marriage as per St. John Paul’s “suggestion,” we won’t need ANOTHER Synod on the Family in another 35 years. It is doable. I’ve implemented part of it in the past, but it will not be easy. You are on record as understanding the vocation of marriage in relation to celibate vocations. Please see Ennio Mastrioanni article Christian Marriage & Family: A Challenging Enterprise. The Synod remains in my prayers.

  • Jack and Anne Bassett
    October 7, 2015 Reply

    Marriage is not an easy vocation but, with the help of God, love, patience and a sense humor it is well worth it.
    God willing we will be married 67 years on November 6th.

  • Martin
    October 7, 2015 Reply

    This is very encouraging but I wish I heard this from the Pontiff himself.

  • Mary Jo Kelly
    October 7, 2015 Reply

    Wonderful time to be in Rome. Such an important Synod-Marriage and Family. The inner circle of how life and love when we are born. Thoughts, prayers and love in Christ to all. Peace. Mary Jo Kelly

  • Carolyn
    October 7, 2015 Reply

    Thank you for this work.


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