• MaryGreene
    November 26, 2012 Reply

    Our society has gone mad. We are, if we use the election results as a guide, majority mad. With the loyal support of roughly 50% of Catholics (who should know better) we can expect a daily dose of wickedness, chaos, and mayhem. Each day brings a new astonishment: On Thanksgiving, for the fourth straight year, the President deliberately and willfully left God out of his Thanksgiving message! That will really bring God’s blessing to us, don’t you think? Today, Jamie Foxx, in a commercial preview for the Soul Train Awards, presented on BET, gave thanks to “our Lord and Savior Barack Obama”. What’s next? Putting his face on coins and removing In God We Trust?

    Please, I beg you to take off the 1950’s glasses. Get Catholicism out of the political, and bring us back to the truly good old days when we were a moral and spiritual force because we knew and wanted Truth. We want the sacraments. We want God.


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