• Mary
    October 28, 2011 Reply

    Archbishop, this is a fabulous moment of opportunity. Why not offer the Mayor and the school system, the chance to incorporate the Generation Life program into the city sex ed curriculum. The message of the dignity of human life and human sexuality is a human message. It’s for everyone. And since it is presented by young people for young people, it is perhaps the coolest program the Archdiocese has. It is radical in its simplicity and its message — a message most students will never hear as clearly and succinctly — the message of human beauty and human freedom. So invite the Mayor and school officials to a special presentation for them. All he can say is NO.

  • AndyP/Doria2
    October 28, 2011 Reply

    Mary has a great idea but in this age of moral relativism it will ring hollow to the ears for which it is intended.

    Catholics make up a huge voting block in NYC as well as the rest of the country. Properly formed Catholics are a huge minority.

    They were never taught or they ignored the little bit of teaching they did get.

    There is no way something like this would fly 50+ years ago because our parents and grandparents would have stormed the Bastille.

    Sadly, inept leadership has led us to where we are today Your Excellency. You have your work cut out for you to help right the Barque of Peter.

    Much prayer is needed. We have failed future generations of our children. God help us and forgive us.

  • K. Sundaram
    October 28, 2011 Reply

    How can parents even consider letting their children be put in such a corrupted environment? Parenting is our most important responsibility and we are responsible for those we allow to corrupt our children. HOMESCHOOL, co-opt school, send them to a Catholic school that is not public school lite.
    I would also say to Archbishop Dolan that preferential treatment for the poor includes the poor child (any child) who is sent into this unacceptable situation. I would suggest that Bishops in this country should be writing letters and running ads in their local areas saying that this situation is unacceptable and call for parents to seek other options until the matter is cleared up. I personally have fought such horrible nonsense in California, but things like recycled bags appear to be more important than preserving all children from this kind of harm.

  • AndyP/Doria2
    October 30, 2011 Reply

    The catholic Church in its infinite wisdom and long history has these bases covered.

    Let’s see what Pope Pius XI had to say on this subject:

    . . . it is clear that, particularly in young people, evil practices are the effect not so much of ignorance of intellect as of weakness of a will exposed to dangerous occasions, and unsupported by the means of grace.

    Divini Illius Magistri

    There is nothing new under the sun.

  • Deborah Haywood
    November 4, 2011 Reply

    Archbishop Dolan, we in Wisconsin are facing this same battle and I am so glad you picked this topic and voiced these same concerns I share as a parent.
    Of course we miss you here!!
    I do not want this job to be that of someone other than me. I do not want government and people with differeing values to teach and instill the values that should be taught at home.
    Yes I know there are some homes that this does not occur but yet, we as parents should still have the right to decide and determine what out children are exposed to and what we think is best for them based on our beliefs and not what the current trends in America are. There are still some of us who care and still practice our faith and do not want that sacred bond disturbed by government. As a parent I feel like I am loosing more rights and more morality over my family. Why is this? Let us teach our kids and allow parents to be parents.
    Thanks Archbishop Dolan for your courage to take on the tough topics! We love you much!
    Deb Haywood

  • MNS
    November 6, 2011 Reply

    I read your article on being opposed to sex ed in public schools and am incredulous.
    Have you been in a subway recently? There is a real AIDS problem which children need to be protected against. No harm talking about this in school. Have you watched HBO or MTV? What they are talking about is exactly what is on the air. The soap opera plots are close to every day life. Our children need to deal with reality, not some never never land in the Vatican. Sex Education is a great opportunity to talk realistically about morality. It is also a great time to deal with the False Teachings of Humane Vitae. (ie the Church not dealing with the serious problem of overpopulation, poverty and destruction of the environment on Spaceship Earth.) The hierarchy has almost no credibility now a days given the Sex Abuse Scandal which has rocked the Church world wide. I feel your blog is reactionary, and sets a bad example of how church leaders should reach out to society. WWJD? I think he would spend less time fretting about the minutia of the Catechism and would concentrate on loving people and building good relations across all members of society. I think the government is realistically dealing with a void clergy like yourself have created by refusing to listen to Laity and the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. Ditch the roman collar, start wearing the blue denim

  • Barbara
    November 13, 2011 Reply

    Once again our government has gotten way too big. As parents, most especially middle class and the poor, we no longer have any rights to our children as they are now state owned. Our “rights” are limited to having all the financial responsibility, all the blame, and absolutely zero support on morality, in fact down right opposition! Our government, the new fad of idolatry, demands we worship its feeble orders of morality to appease the supposed general population, with absolutely no concern for the horrendous future consequences of the moral breakdown of this nation.They not only have it backwards, they demand we accept and adhere to such evils as abortion,and same sex marriages. Everybody complains about bullies and domestic violence as evils, yet refuse to see the hypocrisy of their causes. Doesn’t abortion teach murder and bullying, and ok’s domestic violence, child abuse and neglect? Doesn’t promotion of defiling God’s laws on sexuality mock our hopes of purity and innocense in our children having a happy childhood? Doesn’t this make a mockery out of parents who say no, this is not good for you to merely follow the whims of unbridled passions. The new government not only owns all the rights to our kids, but insists on being a teacher of its evils and creates new laws to empower their efforts! If there was ever a chance for unity among christians, muslims, and jews, it ought to be over fierce protection of our children’s innocense which keeps them pure with the Creator Whom we pray to. No parent should be willing to accept its government as being the sexual child abusers and robbers of their purity and innocense! Our future generation is doomed if such a morally fatal government continues its present course.

  • Ted Seeber
    November 14, 2011 Reply

    I can almost guarantee my liberal public school out here in Oregon will be doing this to my son, and while I cannot prevent this abuse, you can bet I’ll be filing a complaint against the teacher, the principal, and the school board when it happens, for pedophilia.


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